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At Proudfoot, we help you navigate and leverage the internet and all the tools available to enhance your company's presence online. Over the years we have developed an "Online Toolkit" of key apps and services that will lower your costs, keep you mobile and give you invaluable insights on your customers. We use these tools to create a digital strategy that outsmarts the competition.



Allow us to curate your brand identity through creative, tailored posts for all your social media platforms. Through research and imagination, we can generate posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn that communicate your company’s vision and ideals.


Interacting with your audience is key to staying relevant. We will monitor daily engagement on your social media pages, helping you stay on top of messages and comments. Let us help you stay active through building a positive relationship with your target fan-base.


With the help of analytics and through strategy and management, we can push your social media pages to new heights. Whether it is blogging, online campaigning, or advertised and boosted posts, we aim to advance your presence on the web and harness your desired audience.



Your brand’s image heavily rests upon its aesthetic presentation. With the best graphic designers on our team, we can develop a cohesive look for all your social media pages. From your Facebook coverphoto to your Twitter’s profile picture, we want to make you look good.

Live Action

Add a social media component to your event! We offer services in live real-time blogging – unfolding the excitement of your event across social media platforms through custom posts and high-quality images. Extend the reaches of your affair beyond its physical space into the web, to keep your audience updated on the go.


Email Marketing

Let us design an optimal email marketing strategy for you! Tailored to your list of subscribers, we produce effective email campaigns and newsletters, with high open and click-through rates. By researching your audience, we can best serve their expectations and needs, leading to greater traffic and brand promotion.


Search Engine Optimization

After working with our clients to define their exact business and online marketing goals, we curate the necessary keywords and strategic plan to drive traffic to their websites and social media pages. Outrank your competition with increased click-through rates and on-site optimization. By placing you at the top of search engine results, you will increase your online visibility, traffic and sales. As a SEO client, you’ll also receive regular reports, industry updates and full visibility of your campaign’s progress at any time.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Using creative ad copy and graphic design, we can boost relevant traffic to your website with this marketing strategy. Our strategists will help you source keywords and the best content to reach out to your target audience, in a timely manner. Engaging with metrics and geographical targeting, we can control the search experience and give you results! Let us set up your PPC campaign.




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